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Infest was an influential American hardcore band, formed in September 1986 by Joe Denunzio, Matt Domino, Dave Ring and Chris Clift. They disbanded in 1996. Infest, while not coining the term "powerviolence", were pioneers of the style. The Los Angeles quartet blended the ethos, speed and song structure of straight edge hardcore, along with the aggression and anger of bands like Negative Approach and Negative FX. Joe Denunzio’s vocals exhibited angst, with lyrical content about conformity, war, scene politics and socio-political issues, mostly delivered in an accusational assault.
They're really good, really catchy, super hard, awesome band.

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Death-For The Whole World To See


Before Bad Brains, there were another group of African American kids noted for there tough style of music, whose scene would otherwise be considered a white, suburban thing. Way ahead of their time, were Detroit's DEATH. This is obviously not the Tampa metal band. These guys were playing what would soon be called Punk, before practically any other band at the time. I've heard of these guys, but there was not very much known about them until recently, when this album was reissued. The history of these guys is brilliant, and instead of me butchering the story, read it here in this NY Times article. I feel bad putting this record up since it just got reissued a few months ago, but it needs to be heard.

DEATH-...For The Whole World To See

Chaos in Tejas

See the whole lineup here
Austin Texas anyone?
I know Max was just there..... but...
Maybe I'll drive?
Its memorial day weekend so nobody should be working anyway!
I want to know why I hadn't heard of this festival thing before!

Leeway - Born To Expire

This one is for Soren and I guess anyone else who wants to hear it. If you don't know what people mean when they say "the Leeway intro" then you should download this album and find out.
Leeway - Born To Expire

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Legionaire's Disease-Rather See You Dead

The lead singer looks like a mixture between Iggy, Buffalo Bill, and Vivian from the Young Ones. The bassist looks like Bruce Foxton from The Jam.

Okay, I have to make this quick because there is a To Catch A Predator marathon on TV. Legionaire's Disease were from Houston Texas. I love when records sound ahead of their time, and this one definitely does. Raw as hell, this record was put out in 1979. "Downtown", the B-side of this is a fucking ripper. Somebody had a Stooges obsession. Plus all the members of this band look psychotic .The video is from an old public access show, shot in a trailer park near where a friend of mine used to live. It's supposedly a meth crazed shithole. I love the demented sliminess of Texas punk. If you like this stuff, check out AK-47, Boy Problems, or Vast Majority.



My brother is the UN Correspondent for the Philadelphia Bulletin. He has a blog for underreported international news. http://abandonedheadlines.blogspot.com/
It's really interesting and he welcomes all serious comments, questions, and criticisms.
CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!


The Skinflicks are an amazing band out of Luxembourg. Many of their songs are anthem-worthy, they even have some joke songs you can find yourself wholeheartedly chanting. 

I uploaded Lies, Damned Lies, and Skinhead Stories and Beyond Good and Evil


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Iggy Pop & David Bowie 1977 Mantra

The Iggy Bowie 1977 Mantra studio sessions. With the Sales brothers on the rhythm section.


1) Raw Power
2) TV Eye
3) Dirt
4) Turn Blue
5) Funtime
6) Gimme Danger
7) No Fun
8) Sister Midnight
9) I Need Somebody
10) Search & Destroy
11) I Wanna Be Your Dog
12) China Girl


Two Great Swedish Bands

Most of you probably already know this band; if you don't, definitely check them out: The Vicious is a band from Sweden that created a musical masterpiece materialized in the "Alienated" LP. I cannot express my love for this record in any way other than by saying that when I heard Walking Dead and Alienated live i almost cried. Regulations, also from Sweden, shares a band member with The Vicious but is considerably different from them while being equally awesome. Their "different needs" EP is great, and so is the "electric guitar" LP. Although the two bands are label mates, out of all the bands NY VAG Records (Swedish label) puts out they are the only ones I listen to.
Ps: Masshysteri is the band that 'rose from the ashes' of The Vicious. Not nearly as good, but worth checking out. The name comes from a Vicious song in the "Igen" EP.

Photobucket Photobucket

You'll Pay For This! / You Weren't There

Seriously, check this shit out. Both of these trailers are very good. The first one, explains the gritty start of Chicago's punk scene. There is a lot of footage Ive never seen before here. It features all the greats (Effigies, DV8, Naked Raygun, Articles of Faith, Immune System) "You Weren't There" premiered in L.A. last year, I wanted to fly out for it. Duke Eastwood from the Killed By Porn radio show was the after party DJ. I'm not sure about it premiering in NY, and I don't think it is out on DVD yet.

Trailer for You'll Pay For This! 70's Punk! Coming to DVD and VOD from Shiny Object! - kewego
Trailer for the film on 70's Boston punk legends Unnatural Axe coming to DVD and VOD from Shiny Object!

Between 1977 and 1980, Unnatural Axe played countless shows and opened for bands such as The Dictators, The Plasmatics, Mission of Burma, and even The Police and Squeeze. Breaking up in 1980, Unnatural Axe has reformed numerous times for shows over the years and still occasionally play.

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The only thing you need to know about Earth is their singer bought Kurt Cobain the shotgun he used to kill himself. This is one of their more recent albums, it's very ethereal but still super heavy, all instrumental, definitely evil. It's not boring or repetitive like a lot of other "drone" bands can be. Perfect for getting high and drawing or writing, plus the album art is fucking TIGHT.

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Gentleman Jesse and His Men-S/T

Although downloading music is awesome, its fucked up unless the band members are dead, or are stupid, or they just don't care. But this record is definitly worth buying (yes, as in BUYING a RECORD). This guy was a member of Atlanta's mighty Carbonas. I was hooked on this band since their debut 7'', and the LP does them so much justice. Guitar hooks, reminiscent of

LEITMOTIV (part 2)

i can't believe i forgot to post this song.

Asylum Party

Asylum Party was one of the bands that emerged out of “Nouvelle Vague”, the french new wave scene. Like British bands such as And Also the Trees, Sad Lovers and Giants, The Comsat Angels and The Chameleons they played a very dreamy, refined kind of post-punk.The band was founded in 1985 in Courbevoie, France and consisted of Thierry Sobézyk, Philippe Planchon, and Pascale Macé. Asylum Party disbanded in 1990.


[URL=http://www.zshare.net/download/5754163107920bc5/]Ice and the Iced.zip - 11.05MB[/URL]


Italian 77.

The Ice and The Iced were an Italian Punk Band born at the end of 1979 from the ashes of “The Bastards”. Ice, Larry, and Ronnie had known each other since their childhood. They lived in the same street in Pordenone, Italy.


The Wire

Wire are an English rock band formed in London in October 1976, by Colin Newman, Graham Lewis, Bruce Gilbert, and Robert Gotobed. They were originally associated with the punk rock scene, appearing on the Live at the Roxy WC2 album - a key early document of the scene, and were later central to the development of post-punk. Wire are arguably a definitive art punk or post-punk ensemble, mostly due to their richly detailed and atmospheric sound, often obscure lyrical themes and, to a lesser extent, their Situationist political stance.
I've had this song stuck in my head for the past few days.

the video choices for this were weird, the ending is some weird noise shit and some devo

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Dave Vanian and the Phantom Chords

"Dave Vanian and the Phantom Chords
(a.k.a. (the) Phantom Chords) were a 1990s British band, featuring The Damned's Dave Vanian on vocals. Playing rockabilly and gothic rock, they performed a mixture of covers and new material."

You and I - David Vanian & The Phantom Chords
heres my favorite by em'

S/T release -here
  1. "Voodoo Doll"
  2. "Screamin' Kid"
  3. "Big Town"
  4. "This House Is Haunted"
  5. "You and I"
  6. "Whiskey and Me"
  7. "Fever in My Blood"
  8. "Frenzy"
  9. "Shooting Jones (Blue Eyes, Black Heart)"
  10. "Jezebel"
  11. "Tonight We Ride"
  12. "Johnny Guitar"
  13. "Chase the Wild Wind"
  14. "Swamp Thing"

wonderful cover...

Unreleased album- here

01 someone up there
02 born to be wicked
03 gunning for love
04 pretty girl
05 haunted garage
06 johhny, remember me
07 after the lights go out
08 a piece of my heart
09 king of fools
10 time after time
11 the loveless and the damned

The Weeping Song

Wonderful video... lovely song.
This is a weeping song, but i wont be weeping long.

The Good Son (1990)- Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

The Hammer Song - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

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Alcoholics-5 song demo


Alright, this band rules. Someone I used to work with a few years back had this on wax, and ever since I heard it I've been in love. I haven't seen this for sale anywhere, ever. And if I had it would probably fetch upwards of $300. The only info I could find is from the FLEX book, which is typical for stuff like this. Alcoholics were from LA, I believe this is from 1980, possibly '79. Every aspect of these songs are truly unique, and perfect. Simple catchy guitar hooks, tight drum licks and strange, crude lyrics. I am surprised that none of these songs have ever popped up on a Hyped2Death or KBD comp, or any other classic rare punk comps. If you have never heard this, seriously download it. It's probably the only way you will get a chance to hear it, unless you are a billionaire.

Alcolholics- 5 Songs

New Breed NYHC mixtape

This one is a rocker. great mixtape of a bunch of underappreciated new york bands. just a really good mixtape, go here http://www.newbreedtapecomp.com/ and click downloads

Angry Samoans, Back from Samoa


Angry Samoans is a band from LA formed in 1978. Back From Samoa was released in 82 by Triple X Records in blue colored vinyl. Today, this record goes for anything between $300 and $400 dollars. The Bad Trip release can be found for $40 or $50 bucks. I believe there is a Subway Records release as well that goes for $80; Nevertheless, this is a rare LP and if you find it for anything less than the prices above I advise you to purchase it because, even if you don't like the band that much, it is a good investment to make. (Don't forget to check the condition and label.) If you are a normal person, you can just download it, since the CD goes for $10 bucks or something..

Track Listing:
"Gas Chamber" – 1:02 (Saunders/Turner)
"The Todd Killings" – 0:38 (Saunders/Turner)
"Lights Out" – 0:52 (Saunders/Turner)
"My Old Man's a Fatso" – 1:32 (Saunders)
"Time Has Come Today" – 2:07 (Joseph Chambers/Willie Chambers)
"They Saved Hitler's Cock" – 1:40 (Jeff Dahl/Homer/Turner)
"Homo-Sexual" – 0:52 (J. Falwell)
"Steak Knife" – 1:00 (Saunders/Turner)
"Haizman's Brain Is Calling" – 1:56 (Saunders/Turner)
"Tuna Taco" – 0:38 (Homer)
"Coffin Case" – 0:39 (Saunders)
"You Stupid Jerk" – 0:23 (Saunders)
"Ballad of Jerry Curlan" – 3:08 (Galligan/Turner/Vockeroth)
"Not of This Earth" – 1:11 (Saunders/Turner)

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Dave Vanian and the Phantom Chords

"Dave Vanian and the Phantom Chords (a.k.a. (the) Phantom Chords) were a 1990s British band, featuring The Damned's Dave Vanian on vocals. Playing rockabilly and gothic rock, they performed a mixture of covers and new material"

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My friend Rogier introduced me to this band by describing them this way: "Imagine Motorhead and the Ramones had a baby, then play that on 78RPM. Thats Zeke." It's true. this band is fucking awesome. Don't buy anything by them though; go for Dirty Sanchez, Kicked in the teeth or Death Alley... They are from Seattle, and were also featured on Tony Hawk.



this is more of a request than a post, if anybody knows where to find some TOKYO YANKEES pleeeeeeaaas hook it uppppp

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The Ronettes

The Ronettes are, in my opinion, the greatest girl group of the 1960's. They have great harmony in their songs, most of which deal with falling in love, heartache and telling another girl to back off your manz. The Ronettes admitted universal vulnerability and insecurities while maintaing that confident cool- a mastery of the societal ideas that are attributed to the 1960's youth in America; an honest naivete that is altogether outdated. Listening to their songs definitely takes the listener back to those times. Although they seem tame by today's standards, they had a New York bad girl edge-they're from Washington Heights- sporting huge teased beehives and that thick winged eyeliner us girls are such big advocates of. The band consisted of lead singer Ronnie Spector (born Veronica Yvette Bennett) according to some she is "The Original Bad Girl of Rock and Roll," sister Estelle Bennet(1941-2009-RIP), and cousin Nedra. Ronnie and Estelle were multiracial, their father being Irish and their mother African-American and Native-American(I hate these labels) which was really rare to see in the 1960's spotlight. Ronnie got her last name from husband Phil Spector, a major record producer who was credited with creating a musical technique dubbed 'The Wall of Sound' as well as the success of many musical groups. He later regained notoriety as a defendant in a second degree murder case- guess he kept those HITS coming(get it?) I'm such a dork. Needless to say Phil ain't doing too well:

Anyway, this song is one of the most used songs in soundtracks: BE MY BABY

This is another classic plus they have flowers in their hair-always a big plus:


when i was like 13 and first started hanging out downtown, back when you could still drink a 40 on st. marks, zombie vandals where pretty much the shit, and even when all the older punks would be dicks to all us younger kids, Chi would always chill with us and invite us to hang out at Montrose to party. they had all the potential to become a pretty well known band, and were on one of those punx unite compilations, but other than that never managed to rlease their record and due to problems within the band, broke up. i never knew all the original members becuase by the time i started hanging around they had already gone through many ineup changes. tony now playes in R.B.H.G. chris i think just became a fireman, i still keep in touch with susan, big steve was in them for a little while, as well as corey, ryan and felipe


(P.S. im still pretty new to this uploading music thing so if this link isnt working, let me know)


i used to be really into finnish punk, im a quarter icelandic so i got down hardbody.

Kaaos is a Hardcore punk band from Tampere, Finland. Formed in March 1980 they were the first Hardcore punk-band in Finland to release a record and though their lineup has changed frequently through the years, the band is somewhat active still today. Only the band's guitarist (who later became the vocalist), Jakke has remained as an original member and grew to become the center figure of Kaaos.

Jakke died on the 29th of November, 2007. He apparently died of alcohol-related causes at the age of 42.

Kaaos has been described as having "the trademark Finnish 80s sound, fast buzzsaw thrash riffs, reverby vocals, all over the place drumming, and plodding bass." Their music defined what HC Punk means for Finns and their EP "Totaalinen Kaaos" released for Propaganda Records became one of the bestselling Finnish EP records ever. Two years later the band released the LP "Ristiinnaulittu Kaaos" on Barabbas Records that was also quite successful.

While their early production focused on the local authorities (the police) they later grew to criticize not only the government but also how different beliefs are used to justify war and the suffering war causes.

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Rikk Agnew-All By Myself


Like The Adolescents? Of course you do. Christian Death? Some songs are okay. Well, here is a solo record by Rikk Agnew, the driving force between both bands. Agnew played guitar with tons of O.C. bands, and he is one of my favorite guitarists. He even took Pat Smear's spot in The Germs for a little while. He also got really, really fat. I played a show with The Adolescents a few years ago, and I remember not even recognizing him. I saw him play in a reunion lineup with 45 Grave in like 2005, which was awesome. This album features Agnew playing every instrument himself. To sum it up, this sounds like a long lost Adolescents album, with some other SUCCESSFUL approaches taken. Seriously, if you don't have this record, download it. I don't know if it is even still in print.

Rikk Agnew - All By Myslef LP

Anti-Nowhere Leauge- The Perfect Crime

This is definitely the most underrated ANWL album, but maybe their best? It was recorded in '86 after some lineup changes and released against the band's wishes in '87. Their label (then GWR) refused to finance the record's completion after hearing the direction they were going in and released it unfinished to try to recoup some of the costs, which led to the band breaking up. It's certainly more experimental and musically far ranging than their typical loutish fare. Most people know "On the Waterfront" with its noodly saxophone interlude. The rest of the album features synthesizers, piano, and a chorus that appears to be composed of children.
The best songs are "Crime," a synthy sing-along about some sort of dystpoian warriors and "The Shinning" which is uplifting, shimmery, and danceable.
Things get weird on tracks like "(I Don't Believe) This is my England" (a real ballad and not bad for it!) and especially "Working For The Company" with its clanking beat and spoken vocals. "Atomic Harvest" is another stand out. It's definitely worth checking out and can usually be picked up for cheap.

The Necros - IQ32 EP

The Necros to me are one of the essential American punk bands. Playing no frills punk, and short songs about hating high school, Necros remind me of a stripped down version of black flag. This is their second EP and a lot of people will tell you it's not as good as the Conquest for Death EP but they are wrong. IQ32 was a joint release by Dischord and Touch And Go records and was produced by the always impressive Ian Mackaye. In fact, The Necros were the first band to record for Touch And Go, who would go on to bring us bands like Negative Approach, Die Kreuzen, and Big Black. This is a 9 song in 10 minutes classic.

The Necros gained fame for opening for the Misfits during the bands early years and even played the last (real) Misfits show. They are also probably the only band to open for both the Misfits and Megadeath. Enjoy.

The Necros - IQ32 EP

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Oh St. Patrick's Day, what a day to celebrate. Irish folk music's charm can be really addictive, even if it isn't really your style, check out these songs. The first time I heard "I'll Tell Me Ma" was in a Medieval bar in the old fort city of Galway, Ireland. A hairy live band effectively silenced the rowdy Irishmen banging heavy beer mugs, it was an amazing sight. It's a classic Irish song(though it might have originated in England.) Tons of bands cover it, almost a musical rite of passage a la Motorhead's Ace of Spades. The chorus of each version is adapted for different cities.
If you're interested check out the hundreds of other versions

Here's a great video of The Pogues performing "Irish Rover" with the Dubliners, both Irish legends. RIP RONNIE DREW!!!
Look how young Shane MacGowan is!!

And to my favorite Irishman of all time you are very greatly missed and we're all Irish today for you<3
Ni hespa go dith carad.

Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band - Safe As Milk

Beefheart's first proper studio album is a much more accessible, pop-inflected brand of blues-rock than the efforts that followed in the late '60s -- which isn't to say that it's exactly normal and straightforward. Featuring Ry Cooder on guitar, this is blues-rock gone slightly askew, with jagged, fractured rhythms, soulful, twisting vocals from Van Vliet, and more doo wop, soul, straight blues, and folk-rock influences than he would employ on his more avant-garde outings. "Zig Zag Wanderer," "Call on Me," and "Yellow Brick Road" are some of his most enduring and riff-driven songs, although there's plenty of weirdness on tracks like "Electricity" and "Abba Zaba."


Echo & the Bunnymen

i was dissapointed with their performance live but they are always amazing at 33rpm.

Echo & the Bunnymen are an English post-punk group, formed in Liverpool in 1978. Their original lineup consisted of vocalist Ian McCulloch, guitarist Will Sergeant and bass player Les Pattinson, supplemented by a drum machine. By 1980, Pete de Freitas had joined as the band's drummer, and their debut album, Crocodiles, met with critical acclaim and made the UK Top 20. Their second album, Heaven Up Here (1981), again found favour with the critics and reached number 10 in the UK Album chart. The band's cult status was followed by mainstream success in the mid-1980s, as they scored a UK Top 10 hit with "The Cutter", and the attendant album, Porcupine (1983), reached number 2 in the UK. Their next release, Ocean Rain (1984), continued the band's UK chart success, and has since been regarded as their landmark release, spawning the hit singles "The Killing Moon", "Silver" and "Seven Seas". One more studio album, Echo & the Bunnymen (1987), was released before McCulloch left the band to pursue a solo career in 1988. The following year, de Freitas was killed in a motorcycle accident, and the band re-emerged with a new line-up. Original members Will Sergeant and Les Pattinson were joined by Noel Burke as lead singer, Damon Reece on drums and Jake Brockman on keyboards. This new incarnation of the band released Reverberation in 1990, but the disappointing critical and commercial reaction it received culminated with a complete split in 1992. They have reformed since.

Lips Like Sugar - Echo And The Bunnymen

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Suburban Lawns-S/T


When I first heard this record, I was fifteen and I hated it. But my taste has slightly changed, and now I cant get enough. Some songs are just a little too weird for me, but classics such as "Green Eyes" will explain just why I am putting this post up. To me the lawns sound like a mixture of early Gang Of Four, every era Wire has had, and 70's LA punk (Weirdos, Eyes, X.) I can definitely hear where Mike Watt and D. Boone got the Minutemen sound from. ( I know SL played some shows with The Reactionaries, which is their band pre Minutemen) The lawns hailed from Long Beach California, and all attended art school (no shit). I know that in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" there is a Suburban Lawns poster on the wall of someones bedroom. Rodney from Rodney on the Roq gave "Gidget Goes To Hell" tons of play when this debuted in '79. I think they actually had some chart success. Whatever. Here is the classic, long out of print Suburban Lawns-S/T.

Guns of Brixton

i had to post this. Paul Simonon is too beautiful for me to handle... and i love this song.

Ruefrex - Flowers For All Occasions

Northern Ireland was a plethora of great music in the late 70s, and even into the 80s. Mostly responsible for this was Teri Hooley's Good Vibrations label, who including the Undertones, released many other great, and overlooked Irish bands. In 1979, Ruefrex released their first single 'Across the Line'. Your typical, murky, snotty sounding punk affair, but it would not be until 1985 that they released their first full length, which was miles away from the sound of their first release.

Kicking off with the fiery, conviction filled anthem 'The Wild Colonial Boy'. The lyrics set the scene for the rest of what is a quite politically charged album. A band far too real, and seemingly unflinching in compromise, Ruefrex really get their message across. Something lost in most music of the last 15 to 20 years, it is clear this band was fighting for something, and by the sound of it they were winning. It's unfortunate to say that it's not a surprise how they did not gain as much notoriety as fellow Irish rockers, no scratch that, make that pompous, self righteous, unoriginal douche-rockers U2. Though 'I Will Follow' is maybe not such a bad song, though as Ian McCulloch was once quoted as saying 'I would have wrote 'I Will Lead.' " Moving on... The wild adrenaline rush continues on tracks like 'The Ruah'. Football chant-like backing vocals, and the shimmering, crystal-toned guitar lines mix extremely well with the sounds of furiously rhythmic acoustic strumming, the sound of which proudly recalls it's Celtic roots. Hard hitting, thunderous drums descend, only to gain momentum for the song's high soaring chorus, 'And so the Ruah comes/In a way that no-one thought/Casting pearls before the swine/giving gifts that can`t be bought.'

Ending the album with the difficult title track 'Flowers For All Occasions', it is one of the albums more somber moments. A haunting ballad of a young mother to be, tragically turned widow due to the sectarian violence of the time. "There were flowers for all occasions/Floral tributes to the dead/Orange lilies, shamrock green/Bloody scarlet, poppy red."

Ruefrex released one more mini-album on Flicknife records, which was responsible for the release of some of the better bands of the early 80s UK punk scene such as Major Accident, Erazerhead, and Instant Agony. I would really recommend tracking this one down as well, the track 'Playing Card With Dead Men' is possibly the highlight of this bands career, and can be found on a Flicknife compilation disc that should be pretty easy to find. This is truly one of the great 'lost' bands of the decade. Be sure to check em' out! - Joe Western