Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Edith Nylon-Edith Nylon

Edith Nylon was a French Punk/New Wave band from the late 70s/early 80s. I don't know too much about them except the singer is a director in China now. The Clip below is from the 1980 film "La Brune et moi," documenting the French new wave scene.



Joe Western said...

One of their tracks is available on an all French Killed by Death LP, which has tons of other insane French punk. Found the actual album at the WFMU fair a few years back, but dude wanted way too much. Though other than the brief youtube clip, as far as I know the obscure 'La Brune Et Moi' has only been shown a few times in the early 80s, and some random screenings in some very middle of nowhere type places since it was rediscovered. I actually tried contacting the group that organizes showings, to set something up but never got a reply...Probably will never see it.

M i r n a said...

it's way more new wave to me than it is punk... the video doesn't really correspond w/ the music, its weird haha

Tampon said...

A gallery in Brooklyn showed it last month actually (without notifying the director apparently, resulting in an angry email). I have a copy on my computer, but without subtitles. Noah is actually in the process of making an Edith Nylon fanzine.