Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Stupids and D.I.

Last year, this LP, Peruvian Vacation, by the UK thrash band, the Stupids, was repressed in yellow cover and yellow vinyl. The original, put out in the 80s by COR, is fairly hard to find specially in good condition since this wasn't very popular at the time. It's strange and unusual but in my opinion really awesome. This album is as close to my heart as Suicidal's self-titled is; in fact they are right next to each other on my stack.
Next, the album with the worst cover ever, but with the catchiest song ever ("Johnny's Got a Problem"), D.I.'s Horse Bites Dog Cries. It was put out in the same year as Peruvian Vacation, 1985, but across the north atlantic ocean. D.I. has ex-members of the Adolescents but has a unique sound. 
It's interesting to compare the LA scene w/ UK's non-metropolitan district of Ipswich (translation: shit-hole) scene in the mid 80s.

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