Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Presenting...Lothar And The Hand People

Inspired by the Arthur Brown post, here's some more weirdo music. Lothar and The Hand People were a mid 60's psychedelic/country/rock band that used a Moog synthesizer and a theremin (named Lothar). According to wikipedia, they were "the first rockers to tour and record using synthesizers..." I guess that's pretty cool. I couldn't find any videos of them on youtube, but here's a crappy homemade video for a sweet song:

And here's their first album, for your enjoyment:
Presenting...Lothar & The Hand People


Ryan said...

wow, this is fucking awesome.

Tampon said...

I gotta give Noah, who DJs on Death/Traitors night sometimes as The Dude, credit for getting me into this, as well as Arthur Brown and all sorts of other good garage and psych shit.